One Day for Africa - Operation Hope


The story of one small nation's gift to Africa, and what actually happened to it.


Reporter, Writer
Bill Manson

Director, Producer
Gerard Smyth

Mike King, Gerard Smyth

Ken Saville

Owen Ferrier Kerr

Operation Hope - One Day for Africa is the story of one small nation's gift to Africa, and what actually happens to it. The 3 million people of New Zealand sent a ship off with a volunteer crew and $2 million to drought stricken Africa.

The film crew's job was simple: follow the aid wherever it goes, see if it gets to the people that need it and if it's what they really need, and to measure the relative value of short term and long term aid.

One Day for Africa was no rush job; following the aid was no easy task. The cargo of the little ship 'Ngahere' was soon buried in a flood of international aid arriving in Port Sudan. Half was destined for the war torn provinces of Eritrea and Tigre where the crew had to cross mountains 'unofficially' as guests of the rebels to track down the aid. For six weeks they battled bureaucracy, illness; and not only was it was the hottest time of the year but they were trapped in flooding from the first rain in years!

What emerges is anything but the flying visit to a camp to show babies in the arms of foreign doctors. One Day for Africa is an odyssey that no news or aid propaganda film can match. It is a refreshing and moving insight into the African people's struggle to survive their worst ever crisis.