Dates with the Mayoral Candidates


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In the final week of campaigning we’re up close and personal with Christchurch’s main mayoral candidates who invited Frank Film into their homes, and kitchens. Well, to be fair, Frank invited themselves…

It’s understandable that many people in the public eye like to keep their home life, private.

However, with an election campaign in full swing, and the carrot of being Mayor of New Zealand's third largest city, it wasn’t difficult for local filmmakers Frank Film to gain access to the private spaces of the three main candidates - incumbent Lianne Dalziel, Darryll Park and John Minto.

Lianne Dalziel and husband, Rob “Robbie” Davidson had only just moved into their new inner-city apartment when Frank Film came calling.

There was still some sorting and unpacking to do, but the Mayor had managed to hang a few precious art pieces and purchase a table and chair set for her balcony, overlooking a central city square.

The current city Mayor is already enjoying being able to walk to work and to other local attractions.

Dalziel and Davidson have moved from Christchurch’s eastern suburbs, where Dalziel was Member of Parliament from 1999 until 2011. In 2013 she was first elected Mayor of Christchurch and re-elected three years later. She’s now seeking her third term in office.

Across town in Yaldhurst, businessman Darryll Park is also contemplating a move into the central city.
Park, and wife Susie, have lived in Yaldhurst for many years. They also own the house next door where they raised their family, and they’ve placed that property on the market too.

Park says their current residence is their “dream home” and it certainly makes a statement, constructed entirely of stone, sourced from the Himalayas.

Built around a large, square swimming pool, the design theme is minimalistic, with no sign of any typical household paraphernalia.

Park says he was approached by people asking him to seek office. He says he took a drive around the city and ventured out east where he was “aghast at how it still looked like little Bosnia.”
It prompted Park to put his name forward. .

The third candidate to open his home to Frank Film is long-time social activist John Minto.

It’s clear Park and Minto have differing views on decor as well as politics.

Minto’s Waltham home, also only a few years old, has a homely and comfortable vibe, with an impressive collection of books and art.

Minto says wife Bronwyn wanted a quarter acre section so she could plant a large garden. He says the impressive plot is her work and he’s “just the barrow boy.”

Minto, who was raised in Dunedin, says he moved to Christchurch several years ago after becoming disillusioned with Auckland life.

Minto’s main campaign policies are free public transport and rates increases only in line with inflation.
He may have recently retired from his school teaching career but not from the causes he cares deeply about.