Barefoot Cinema - The Life and Art of Alun Bollinger


"In reprising some of the cinematographer's finest moments, the film gives us a compact history of the Kiwi cinema that AlBol was instrumental in inventing."


Director, Producer, Cinematographer
Gerard Smyth

Gaylene Barnes

Line Producer
Alice Shannon

Tim Brott, Benoit Hardonniere, Hammond Peek, Brian Shennan

Jacob Bryant, Wayne Vinten, John Chrisstoffels

Peter Jackson, Alun Bollinger

Nadia Maxwell, Helen Smyth, Carrie Jo Caralyus

WIthin the film industry, cinematographer Alun Bollinger is something of a legend; and yet to most of us he remains anonymous.

Barefoot Cinema looks at "the art and life" of Alun Bollinger, whom Peter Jackson calls "quite simply the finest cinematography the country has ever produced".

This story started as a seemingly obvious task; a potted and recent history of New Zealand film through the eyes of the man universally known as 'AlBol'.

But any such tale had to be much more than this. Barefoot Cinema is as much a tale of enduring love. Wife of 37 years, Helen 'HelBol' Bollinger says "I always picked it would be an adventure with AlBol".

Not known for following film crew fashion, AlBol turns up on film sets barefoot. Here he is regarded as a leader of New Zealand crews who are internationally known for their innovations and for their skills as team players.

The countries top directors all wanted to participate and tell of their gratitude to their team leader. Peter Jackson shows us what he calls "the most important footage I've ever shot".